A good textbook can open students’ minds to new ideas. A good reference book can enhance the development of practicing professionals who are always eager to grow. Would you like to play an important role in enhancing the current body of your field or in seeding its future? Writing a textbook or a professional book can help you do just that.
You understand today’s students and know how to reach them. You’ve synthesized the research and know the best way to facilitate your students’ understanding of complex ideas. What better way than writing a textbook to reach beyond the walls of your own classroom and touch the lives of students around the world?
  Trends in your field… new ways of teaching classic material… new technologies… Now is an exciting time to be in the world of educational publishing. Writing a textbook or creating other instructional and professional enhancement materials is a way to both use and share these exciting advances. Regardless of how content is delivered — print, CD-ROM, Web, video, audio — there will always be a need for quality educational and professional material that incorporates important new ideas, methods, and approaches.
While you may already be known for your research, a successful textbook becomes an ongoing project that is continually refreshed and improved and that keeps the author involved with the most innovative ideas of the discipline. Many Allyn & Bacon authors are called on to speak at colleges and universities across the nation as experts who influence their field. One of the key ways they have been brought to the attention of the educational community is through the books they have written.
  Join your field’s most esteemed authors who are credited with the most authoritative titles in educational publishing. The authoring experience has the potential to enhance both your personal and professional life. It’s a rewarding experience.