Psychology Activity Center

Action at the Synapse
Exploring Arguments: Deciding What to Believe
Caveat Emptor: Evaluating Knowledge Claims
Critical Thinking: I Know It's a Good Thing, but What Is It?
Drug Use, Abuse and Addictions: Focus on Alcohol
Exploring Academic Dishonesty
Exploring the False Consensus of Fact
Investigating Depth Perception
Investigating Dreams
Investigating Gangs and Behavior
Investigating Graphology: Is the Writing on the Wall?
Investigating Olfaction
Investigating Sex Differences in Depression
Investigating Social Judgments *
Making Sound Decisions: The Worksheet Method
Predicting Our Own Social Behavior
Principles of Learning in the Real World
Product Claims: Too Good to be True?
Recognizing Mood Disorders
Searching the Web: Investigating Alzheimer's Disease
Test Your Memory
Tick Tock Goes the Social and Biological Clock *
Understanding Mental Models
Exploring Confirmation Bias

To use any of these activities you need both the activity folder and the "shared" folder. Other than the "shared" folder they are completely self-contained.

All of the activities require Flash 5 to run. Some of them also require Shockwave 8.5 and some require QuickTime 4 (or later). To determine which plug-ins an activity needs, look in the activity folder and all sub-folders. If there are files ending in .dcr it requires Shockwave and if there are files ending in .mov it requires QuickTime.