VideoWorkshop for Human Sexuality
features 14 robust modules on CD-ROM:

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1. Research Methods in Sexuality
Mike Bailey’s Lab
2. Gender Roles
Silvia (transsexual) — View Clip
Charlotte Anjelica (transsexual)
3. Sexual Orientation
Allen (gay)
Kraig (gay)
Riki (lesbian)
4. Love and Intimacy
Dr. William Pinsof, Marriage Counselor
5. Sexual Communication & Techniques
Dr. Richard Carroll, Sex Therapist
6. Conception, Pregnancy, and Childbirth
Dr. Holly Casele, Obstetrician
7. Contraception and Abortion
Annie, Right To Life
Dr. Dorothy Meyer, Counseling
Coordinator for Planned Parenthood
8. Sexuality in Adolescence
Teenage Pregnancy
9. Sexuality in Adulthood
Paula (owner, 3-minute dating)
10. Sexual Dysfunctions
Dr. Stephanie Kielb, urologist
11. Sexually Transmissible Infections
Ken, STD Counselor
12. Atypical Sexual Behavior
Jade (dominatrix)
13. Sexual Coercion
Coya, Rape Crises Counselor
14. Commercial Sex
Silvia (transsexual and escort)
CD-ROM with 40-50 minutes of course-specific video footage
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Student Learning Guide
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Instructor's Teaching Guide
Correlation Grids
VideoWorkshop for Human Sexuality is available for Spring 2004 classes with the following textbooks!
Use the VideoWorkshop package ISBNs below when placing order with your local bookstore. Contact your publisher's representative for additional assistance or product details.

McAnulty / Burnette
Exploring Human Sexuality: Making Healthy Decisions, 2/e, ©2004
VW Package ISBN: 0-205-42596-8 | Book Info

Cover McAnulty / Burnette
Fundamentals of Human Sexuality: Making Healthy Decisions, ©2003
VW Package ISBN: 0-205-42597-6 | Book Info

Rathus / Nevid / Fichner-Rathus
Human Sexuality in a World of
Diversity, 6/e, ©2005

VW Package ISBN: 0-205-43857-1 | Book Info


Rathus / Nevid / Fichner-Rathus
Human Sexuality in a World of
Diversity, 5/e, 2002

VW Package ISBN: 0-205-42595-X | Book Info

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