Welcome to MyLiteratureLab! This site offers you  a rich source of guidance in the key areas of reading, interpreting, writing, and research. It includes audio lectures, visuals, coverage of the writing process, a guide to research, many writing prompts, and numerous tools useful for your literature course. 


Two diagnostic tests of 20 questions each measure your knowledge of literary elements and critical terms. After taking one of the tests, visit the Glossary of Literary and Critical Terms to learn about terms you are unsure of or do not know.

Glossary of Literary and Critical Terms
The Glossary provides definitions and explanations of key literary and critical terms to help you appreciate, interpret, and write about literature.

Interactive Readings
Organized by literary element, the Interactive Readings include a collection of short stories, poems, and scenes from plays that show you how to apply the literary elements. Click on the highlighted text within each selection to study the elements and answer questions about using the elements.


Longman Lectures
Given by a host of Longman's esteemed authors, the Longman Lectures bring literature to life. From Shakespeare to Flannery O'Connor to Billy Collins, these richly illustrated 9-minute lectures, which cover 40 of the most anthologized works, include readings of especially meaningful passages, insights for interpreting each work, and suggestions for writing.

From Idea to Writing
From Idea to Writing facilitates effective writing by providing useful information on both the writing process and writing about literature, including such key topics as invention, planning, strategies for organizing, drafting, and revising.

Writing the Research Paper
Writing the Research Paper offers comprehensive instruction for writing research papers in any class including finding a topic, evaluating sources, taking notes, tips for summarizing, developing a thesis, suggestions for organizing the paper, choosing a pattern of development, guidance for writing introductions and conclusions, and comprehensive MLA documentation.

Student Papers
Get a head start on your writing by reviewing model student papers. The student papers provide helpful models of a variety of critical essays and the research paper.

Literature Timelines
The Literature Timeline offers a chronological overview of major literary works and historical events, from the Pre-historic migration to the Americas, to the inception of the Internet. Also in this section, the American Literary History Chart and the British Literary History Chart highlight the major characteristic, writers and works in each era.

MLA Documentation
Comprehensive coverage of MLA Documentation provides numerous models for citing a range of sources, from interviews to periodicals to electronic sources.

For Placemnt text only. Take one of our two comprehensive 50-question diagnostics to evaluate your current command of skills in sentence grammar, basic grammar, punctuation and mechanics, and sentence style.

Avoiding Plagiarism
Avoiding Plagiarism is a set of interactive tutorials and exercises that show you how to use and document sources responsibly in both MLA and APA styles.

Research Navigator
Research Navigator helps you make the most efficient use of your research time by offering extensive help with the research process as well as four rich databases of credible, reliable source material. Research Navigator also contains a researched and maintained Link Library of Literature.

Tutor Center
The Tutor Center provides help reviewing papers for organization, flow, argument, and consistent grammar errors.