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Development of Language, The, 5/e

Publisher: Allyn & Bacon
Copyright: 2001
Format: Cloth, 520 pp
ISBN: 0-205-31636-0
Status: Published 07/19/2000
Retail Price: $85.20 US
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The fifth edition of The Development of Language, written and contributed by leading researchers, covers language acquisition and development from infancy through adulthood.

With its organization based on developmental stages of language, this authoritative text is especially well-suited for courses that take a developmental approach. It covers every aspect of language acquisition and development from a lifespan perspective, beginning with the earliest attempts to communicate and ending with the language and communication concerns of the aged.

The text thoroughly explores syntax, morphology, semantics, phonology, and pragmatics. It examines atypical development, presents strong coverage of individual differences, how and why they occur, and provides contemporary references and the most recent research findings. The panel of expert authors provides students with cutting-edge research knowledge in an interesting and highly readable format.

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Appropriate Courses & Related Titles

Designed for upper-level undergraduate or graduate courses in Language Development, or as essential reading for courses in Psycholinguistics, Cognitive Development, Developmental Psychology, Speech Pathology, and related courses.

Language Development (Communication Sciences & Disorders)
Language Development (Psychology)
Language Development (Family Studies & Human Development)

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  • Covers each aspect of language acquisition and development from a lifespan perspective.
  • Examines syntax, morphology, semantics, phonology, and pragmatics.
  • Tables, figures, and photographs give this text a professional and readable feel.
  • In-chapter exercises, chapter summaries, key terms list, and suggested readings all help students understand and enjoy the material presented.
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New To This Edition

  • An expanded new chapter (6) on “Language in Social Contexts” reflects recent research findings.
  • Contemporary information on current language questions such as discussions of African American Vernacular English puts contemporary topics into a pedagogical perspective.
  • New and exhaustive references make this edition a useful tool for readers.
  • With extensive revisions, this edition offers state-of-the-art knowledge on all topics covered.

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Table Of Contents

 1.Jean Berko Gleason, The Development of Language: An Overview and a Preview.

 2.Jacqueline Sachs, Communication Development in Infancy.

 3.Lise Menn and Carol Stoel-Gammon, Phonological Development: Learning Sounds and Sound Patterns.

 4.Barbara Alexander Pan and Jean Berko Gleason, Semantic Development: Learning the Meanings of Words.

 5.Helen Tager-Flusberg, Putting Words Together: Morphology and Syntax in the Preschool Years.

 6.Judith Becker Bryant, Language in Social Contexts: Communicative Competence in the Preschool Years.

 7.John N. Bohannon III and John D. Bonvillian, Theoretical Approaches to Language Acquisition.

 8.Beverly A. Goldfield and Catherine E. Snow, Individual Differences: Implications for the Study of Language Acquisition.

 9.Nan Bernstein Ratner, Atypical Language Development.

10.Richard Ely, Language and Literacy in the School Years.

11.Loraine K. Obler, Development and Loss: Changes in the Adult Years.

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