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Data Sets

These files are data sets that are used in Computer-Assisted Research Design and Analysis but not shown in print. Most files are in more than one format. Download them if you want to run the examples on your own computer.

File names are referred to generically in the book, for example, COMPUTER.*, and files are in several formats.

Formats are as follows:

*.S0 and *.S1 NCSS
*.CSV COMMA-SEPARATED VALUE (ASCII) for spreadsheets, editors, or wordprocessors

Files to be downloaded are arranged by the software that can read them. Data sets for each program are in a single executable file (.EXE). Just download the .EXE file(s) that you want, and run by double clicking on the file name in Explorer, or through the Windows Start > Run procedure.

Remember that the expanded individual data files will be in the folder into which you downloaded the .EXE file(s), so you may want to move the .EXE file(s) to another folder before running.

Download these data files

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